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Samples from the TH Cookbook Volume Two
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Turks Head Cookbook Volume Two

The Turks Head Cookbook VOLUME TWO is ready and available. This was envisioned during the creation of Chapter Five of the original Turks Head Cookbook and started shortly after the original volume went to press for the first time. The intention of this book is that it is an "add-on" for the Turks Head Kit as the actual Turks Head Tool (and the other tools and accessories) are NOT included with the Turks Head Cookbook Volume Two.

See some samples from the TH Cookbook Volume Two

The Turks Head Cookbook Volume Two is almost 250 pages long and contains recipes for 747 “unusual” turks heads. About 30-35 of the 747 of them are repeats from Chapter 5 of the original Turks Head Cookbook, the rest are new. To keep them reasonable in size, (but mostly so that they can all be tied on the Turks Head Tool), none of them has more than 20 leads or bights. There are at least two of each size and as many as 15 or so different ones of some sizes. (Let’s see… there are 747 knots of 194 dimensions, so that’s an average of 3.8 knots of each possible dimension up to 20 leads or 20 bights.) I actually had to use a spreadsheet to keep track of them during production. It was getting seriously out of control. I knew it was going to be over 250 knots and when the thing hit 300 knots, I realized that it might get to 400. Then when I hit 400 I realized that it could easily top 600. This is where fear began to set in. As I blazed past 700, I struggled to find a way to make the work as complete as possible while finding a way to keep the volume from being dang near infinite. I convinced myself that I just had to let go and have a sampling of what was possible. If I was to make it comprehensive, given the new patterns and permutations therein, I think that I may never have actually finished. I stopped at 745 and in fixing two issues, inadvertently made two more knots. So that’s the story.

The pages and chapters have been numbered in such a way as to continue the numbers from the original Turks Head Cookbook numbering sequence. My hope is that one can refer to "the third knot on page such and such" and not need to reference the volume number. For example, “some of my favorites are TH-182-3 and TH-345-1 similar to the widely recognized ABOK references of ABOK-723 and ABOK-251.

If you do not have one of the original Turks Head Cookbook Kits, you should start there as the Turks Head Tool is included in that Kit. In fact, if you are one of the people that have been on the fence and haven't purchased the Turks Head Cookbook Kit yet, I can give you some incentive:

The Original THCB Kit is: $40 + $5 domestic shipping
The Turks Head Cookbook Volume Two is: $30 + $5 domestic shipping
I can offer a special price of: $65 + $5 domestic shipping for the original THCB Kit PLUS Volume II
That's a savings of $10.

See some samples from the TH Cookbook Volume Two

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