Turks Head Tubes


Lengths are avaialble in 100mm (xx in), 150mm (xx in) and 200mm (xx in)
Other lenghts and configurations can be made as well. Please send an e-mail to discuss your needs.

Are you tired of using a paper tube and pins on which to tie your turks heads? The solution is here! The high quality, sturdy tool that you've always dreamed of is now avaialble.
The Turks Head Tubes are made from thick-walled PVC pipes which have been cleaned to remove factory dye markings, cut to length, drilled and tapped with holes for the standard 6-32 screw pins. Each one of these tools comes with a full set of pins (one for each hole) plus two spares and one wrench. The pins are interchangeable with the ones from the standard Turks Head Tool. These sturdy tools are constructed to give a lifetime of service when used with 1-2mm natural or synthetic cord. The larger sizes are more suitable for tying knots in 3-12mm line. Material colors may vary from those shown. They are available in a variety of sizes and pin counts as shown in the table below.

About the numbers of pins... A tool with a large number of pins can be used to tie turks heads with its quantity of pins or fewer. For example, the tube with 20 pins may be used to tie a nineteen bight knot by simply removing one pin from each of the top and bottom rows. Using every other hole would enable one to tie a ten bight knot and the same tool may be used for a 15 bight knot without much difficulty.

Why are there ones listed with 31 pins? - This was Clifford Ashley's recommended number of pins and is very versatile as you can tie a turks head with any number of bights up to and including 31 bights all on one tool. (See ABOK 1324)

These tubes are based on the layout of a Golomb Ruler and will allow for tying of knots in various widths. The G3 tubes will allow for three different widths, while the G4 can be used for six different widths and the G5 can be set up for use at ten different widths.

G2 layout - One width possibility

G3 layout - Three different width possibilities

G4 layout - Six different width possibilities

G5 layout - Ten different width possibilities

The working height of the tool (distance between the two rows of pins) is approximately 25mm less than the overall height of the tool.

How to read the part numbers... Part numbers are in the format of Tdddxhhh-pp where ddd is diameter (mm), hhh is height (mm) and pp is the number of pin locations (maximum bights).
Diameter measurements may vary slightly.

Tube Model
200mm (7.9in) long
Diameter Circumference Bights G2 2 rings of holes G3 3 rings of holes G4 4 rings of holes G5 5 rings of holes
T21x200-8 21mm (0.8in.) 66mm (2.6in.) 8 $9 $12 $14 $17
T21x200-1021mm (0.8in.)66mm (2.6in.)10$11$14$18$21
T34x200-834mm (1.3in.)107mm (4.2in.)8$9$12$15$17
T34x200-1034mm (1.3in.)107mm (4.2in.)10$11$15$18$21
T34x200-1234mm (1.3in.)107mm (4.2in.)12$13$17$21$26
T34x200-1534mm (1.3in.)107mm (4.2in.)15$16$21$27$32
T49x200-849mm (1.9in.)154mm (6.1in.)8$11$14$16$19
T49x200-1049mm (1.9in.)154mm (6.1in.)10$13$16$20$23
T49x200-1249mm (1.9in.)154mm (6.1in.)12$15$19$23$27
T49x200-1549mm (1.9in.)154mm (6.1in.)15$18$23$28$33
T49x200-2049mm (1.9in.)154mm (6.1in.)20$23$30$37$43
T60x200-860mm (2.4in.)188mm (7.4in.)8$16$19$22$24
T60x200-1060mm (2.4in.)188mm (7.4in.)10$18$22$25$28
T60x200-1260mm (2.4in.)188mm (7.4in.)12$20$24$28$33
T60x200-1560mm (2.4in.)188mm (7.4in.)15$23$28$34$39
T60x200-2060mm (2.4in.)188mm (7.4in.)20$28$35$42$49
T89x200-889mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)8$17$20$23$25
T89x200-1089mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)10$19$23$26$29
T89x200-1289mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)12$21$25$29$33
T89x200-1589mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)15$24$29$34$40
T89x200-2089mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)20$29$36$43$50
T89x200-3189mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)31$41$51$62$72
T89x200-4089mm (3.5in.)280mm (11in.)40$50$63$77$91
T114x200-8114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)8$18$21$24$26
T114x200-10114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)10$20$24$27$31
T114x200-12114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)12$22$26$31$35
T114x200-15114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)15$25$31$36$41
T114x200-20114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)20$31$37$44$51
T114x200-31114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)31$42$52$63$73
T114x200-40114mm (4.5in.)359mm (14.1in.)40$51$65$78$92
T168x200-8168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)8$22$24$27$30
T168x200-10168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)10$24$27$31$34
T168x200-12168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)12$26$30$34$38
T168x200-15168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)15$29$34$39$44
T168x200-20168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)20$34$41$48$54
T168x200-31168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)31$45$56$66$77
T168x200-40168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)40$54$68$82$95
T168x200-60168mm (6.6in.)529mm (20.8in.)60$75$95$116$136
Diameter measurements may vary slightly.

Custom tools... As most of the above items are all made to order, custom requests can be accommodated easily. A tube can be made with your favorite pin count for tying turks heads with your preferred number of bights. Some custom possibilities are shown below.

Just send an e-mail to donb@donb.com as I am happy to discuss your custom tooling needs.

This is a T127x95-20 set up for 10 bights by using only every other hole and its little brother, a T21x50-8.
This is a T21x50-8 - the smallest practical tube that I make.
This is custom T49x200-20 tube with an extra ring of 20 holes at the one-third point between the two end rings. This makes the tube conveniently capable of helping one produce knots up to 20 bights in three diferent lengths.
This is one of my most practical custom pieces.

This is a T49x150-8 and a T69x71-20 shown without their pins installed. Both were made for a customer that wanted to have one that was well-suited to making bracelets and one that was optimal for making tool handle coverings.

These Tools are
Made in the U.S.A.

WARNING: These tools are intended for use by adults or with competent adult supervision. Small parts are enclosed - Please keep out of the reach of children.

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