The original Turks Head Kit


The TURKS HEAD COOKBOOK will provide you with step-by-step instructions and detailed recipes for over 200 normal, tall, wide, herringbone, and other turks head knots that can be tied on the TURKS HEAD TOOL.
Each Turks Head Kit includes the following items:
  • The original Turks Head Cookbook with over 200 recipes
  • The Turks Head Tool
  • One threaded needle (Size 2) for the included cord
  • Enough cord to get started
  • Full set of pins & a wrench for the pins
  • Carrying case for the tool & pins

A series of videos demonstrating the use of the Turks Head tool is avaialble here as well.
All of the turks heads that you see pictured here (and many more) can be tied by using the Turks Head Tool and the methods and recipes that are described in the Turks Head Cookbook While some skill and experience in tying knots would be helpful, they not required to be successful with these knots.

The examples of turks heads shown here are just a few of the possibilities of what can be tied by using the recipes shown in the Cookbook. They were tied in small (1.6-2.0mm) nylon cord. The smaller, turks heads pictured can be tied with the cord that is included in the kit. You will need to use some cord of your choosing to be able to tie the larger ones.

Take a look at more photos of a few of the knots that have been tied from the recipes in the book.

The Turks Head Coolbook includes recipes for both "regular" or "normal" turks heads...

AND it also includes recipes for a selection of unusual turks heads, some of which are shown below...

All of the knots pictured on this page can be tied by using the recipes in the cookbook and the included tool.

A MUCH larger variety of the "unusual" turks heads can be found in the Turks Head Cookbook Volume Two

The Turks Head Cookbook and the Turks Head Tool are both
Made in the U.S.A.

WARNING: This kit is intended for use by adults or with competent adult supervision. Small parts are enclosed - Please keep out of the reach of children.
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