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Samples from the TH Cookbook Volume Two
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Samples of the knots tied from the recipes in the
Turk's Head Cookbook Volume Two

The fine examples (thanks KB) of turks heads shown here are just a few of the possibilities of what can be tied by using the recipes shown in the Turk's Head Cookbook Volume Two.

Page 158-7 (tripled)  
Page 161-3 (tripled)  
Page 164-2 (tripled)  
Page 166-2 (tripled)  
Page 167-2 (tripled)  
Page 167-3 (tripled)  
Page 171-1 (tripled)  
Page 172-2 (tripled)  
Page 147-1 (tripled)  
Page 148-1 (tripled)  
Page 148-4 (tripled)  
Page 148-6 (tripled)  
Page 111-???? (tripled)  
Page 134-???? (tripled)  
Page 135-???? (tripled)  
Page 136-???? (tripled)  
Page 138-???? (tripled)  
Page 139-???? (tripled)  
Page 142-???? (tripled)  
Page 145 (tripled)  

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