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Turk's Head Related...
Gee, wouldn't it be nice to have a turk's head wedding ring? How about a bracelet of gold? If you want to see what happens when Turks Heads intersect with precious metals, then you just need to see Loren Damewood's work at Golden-Knots.

The Pineapple Knot Board
IGKT-PKB Pineapple Knot Branch

Tom Hall has written two amazing books on turk's heads. They (and many other excellent books) can be purchased from Martin Combs at

Organizations and Groups:
IGKT Headquarters in the UK
IGKT-NAB - the North American Branch
Yahoo! KnotTyers Group (on-line gathering)
Yahoo KnotTyers Group
International Guild of Knot Tyers Forum

More Useful Links: Alaska Museum of Fancy Knots
Knotical Site Links at the Alaska Museum of Fancy Knots

R and W Rope Warehouse
These great folks have the world's largest selection of cord, line, rope and other similar materials.
Phone: (508) 995-1114 or (800) 260-8599 39 Tarkiln Place, New Bedford, MA 02745

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